Recruiting Grudge Match: Who Wins When It’s Humans vs. Machines?


It’s an image that you often see in movies or read in books – humans battling machines or robots, in digital warfare that often signals the apocalypse or the dawn of a new age.

But, it’s a fictional image that could never replay itself in the real world – or could it?

Even if it could, apply that same image to the workforce and you’d get a totally different outcome — like machines quickly overtaking jobs as robots feverishly work in factories to assemble the latest technology.

But what’s the human-versus-machine scenario like in recruiting? Does the rise of the machines overhaul an industry inextricably tied to human nature, or can humans and automation work symbiotically to generate overall productivity?

Humans versus machines in the fight to revolutionize the recruiting industry is one of the most disruptive trends in staffing. According to research from Bullhorn:

- About 67 percent of recruiting professionals believe automation will help the human workforce and not demolish it;

- Alternatively, 33 percent of respondents said they plan to replace talent with technology to lower prices so they can build the most efficient businesses possible.

Who ultimately wins the fight in recruiting? Will humans prevail and use the machines to their fullest advantage, or will the machines overtake humans and eliminate their jobs?

Here’s how the “battle of humans versus machines” shapes up in recruiting – and who comes out on top in the end.

In corner No. 1 — The Humans

Humans possess the innate ability to develop and form relationships with other individuals – something that humans were born to do. This is through their strong sense of emotional intelligence that allows them to skillfully – and correctly – move conversations forward in the precise tone with the right amount of empathy.

credit: recruitingdaily

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ข่าว : ธนบัตรชำรุด...ต้องการแลกเปลี่ยนธนบัตรใหม่ ต้องทำยังไงบ้าง?

ธนบัตรชำรุด...ต้องการแลกเปลี่ยนธนบัตรใหม่ ต้องทำยังไงบ้าง?

06 Dec 2019

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เกิดเรื่องจนได้เมื่อ Ai ทำพิษกับแขกในโรงแรม

ในยุคไอทีที่หุ่นยนต์ และระบบ AI สามารถเข้ามาทำงานบางอย่างแทนมนุษย์ได้คงจะทำให้หลายๆ คนตกงาน แต่! อย่าเพิ่งนึกโกรธหุ่นพวกนั้นไปละ เพราะที่ญี่ปุ่นเค้าก็มีการปลดหุ่นยนต์เหล่านี้ออกจากการทำงานเหมือนกัน..........

05 Dec 2019