How to prevent burnout from stress

Stress is normal feeling for everyone. Good stress can be motivated and beneficial, anyway many times you might feel incredibly overwhelmed and can’t concentrate on anything especially deadline is coming!

Moreover,  excessive and prolonged stress can cause burnout and might cause
- Exhaustion from burnout could lead you to be easily upset, have trouble sleeping, get sick more often, and struggle to concentrate.
- Cynicism is sometimes called depersonalization in this context, because it’s categorized by feeling alienated from the people you work with and lacking engagement in your work.
- Inefficacy refers to a lack of belief in your ability to perform your job well and a decrease in achievement and productivity.

(Belle B. Cooper, life hacker)

So, how can we prevent burnout?
We suggest you to do these easy ways to relax and enjoy life again.
- Add something news: to your schedule or to your workplace, find new hobbies, grow plants.
- Focus on yourself: Because physical is related to mental, take care of your health and well-being is also important
- Do What You Enjoy: Give yourself the distance from work, you need to relax and de-stress by doing what you love.
- More water: Drinking water is instant way to refresh your brain by increasing Oxygen in your brain and your blood, to help your mentation and cognitive.
- Take a Vacation or Leave of Absence: Time away from work is the best way to start your recovery
- Reassess Your Goals: Burnout can occur when your work is out of alignment with your values, or when it's not contributing to your long-term goals, so it's time to restart by identifying your values and thinking about what gives you meaning in your work.

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